History of INODA COFFEE.

The history of INODA COFFEE from 1940 to the present.
June 1940 The first president of the company, Shichiro Inoda, began selling coffee beans from abroad at the present location of the Main shop (140 Doyu-cho, Sakaimachi-dori, Sanjo kudaru, Nakagyo-ku).
August 1947 Our first coffee shop was opened at the original location in Kyoto by the founder, Shichiro Inoda.
May 1958 Reorganized into Limited Company by the founder’s family.
December 1964 Opened Nijo Branch at the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry building’s basement floor.
December 1965 Opened Shijo B1 branch at Kyoto Shoken Building on Basement floor 1.
September 1967 Newly opened and expanded Main shop.
March 1970 Opened Coffee Salon branch at Daimaru Kyoto Department Store, 1st floor.
December 1970 Opened Sanjo branch on Sanjo-dori.
September 1975 Opened Shijo B2 branch at Kyoto Shoken Building on Basement floor 2.
November 1978 Began selling a 400-gram version of “Arabian Pearl” coffee in a painted metal can.
November 1980 Opened Porta branch at the Kyoto Station Underground Shopping Mall
March 1987 Started a new cake factory.
June 1993 The founder, Shichiro Inoda, passed away.
July 1993 Hiroshi Inoda became the company president.
March 1994 Started a new factory for cake-making and coffee bean roasting.
September 1995 Capital increased to 30 million yen and the company reorganized into a Limited Company by Shareholders.
April 1999 Opened the Hiroshima branch at Fukuya Department Store, basement floor 1.
March 2000 Renovated Main shop at Sakaimachi-dori, Sanjo.
July 2000 Opened Kiyomizu Branch at Kiyomizu Sannen-zaka, Seiryu-en.
March 2003 Opened Sapporo Daimaru Shop at Daimaru Sapporo Department Store, 7th floor.
June 2007 Hiroshi Inoda became the Representative Chairman and Masayasu Fujiwara assumed the position of president and CEO.
November 2007 Opened Tokyo Daimaru Shop at Daimaru Tokyo Department Store, 8th floor.
November 2012 Opened Yokohama Takashimaya Shop at Takashimaya Yokohama Department Store, 6th floor.
June 2014 Masayasu Fujiwara resigned from the position of president and Shigeki Iba assumed the position of president and CEO.
August 2014 Cake factory moved and renovated to a new location.
September 2014 Opened Cake Studio Ketel.
August 2015 Opened Hachijoguchi branch at the Kyoto Station, on ASTY ROAD, 1st floor.
March 2018 Renovated Porta branch.
June 2020 Shigeki Iba resigned from the position of president and Toshitaka Maeda assumed the position of president and CEO.
September 2022 The company executed a stock transfer in connection with the business succession. Hiroshi Inoda retired from the position of Chairman and Representative Director, and A fund managed by Ant Capital Partners, Inc. was brought in as a new major shareholder.