Information about the concept behind INODA COFFEE and company information.
We don’t think that we can give our very best service to our customers just by following manuals because each customer is unique. We think we can offer our “Omotenashi” (warm hospitality) only by meeting each customer’s needs. We are training our staff to, not think what they should not do, but what they would like to be done to them. This is because we don’t think that we can extend our “Omotenashi” unless we ourselves are cheerful, pleasant and full of energy with charming smiles. We would like to actively try new things while keeping traditions close to our hearts. We would like to continue to take pride in our role as a leader of Kyoto culture.
Representative Director and Chairman
Representative ChairmanHIROSHI INODA
In 2020, we have marked 80th anniversary on June 1st, while there are many old companies that has continued more than 100 years in Kyoto. Thanks of the support of our customers, we have been able to maintain the Western style including the original coffee in Kyoto, where Japanese culture is deeply rooted. We will continue to welcome our customers with smile, and keep in mind the best hospitality.

Representative Director and President
Representative President & CEOTOSHITAKA MAEDA
Name of the company: INODA COFFEE Company Limited.
Registered address: 140 Doyu-cho, Sakaimachi-dori, Sanjo kudaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 604-8118
Tel : 075-241-0915
Fax : 075-252-5978
Established 1940
Founded 1947: The first coffee shop was opened in Kyoto.
1958: Reorganized into a limited company by the founder’s family.
1995: Reorganized into a company by shareholders.
Capital 30 million yen.
Representative Hiroshi Inoda
Number of Employees Approximately 200.
Description of Business Coffee shops and restaurants,
Roasting and sales of coffee beans of various origins,
Sales of imported utensils and foods,
Sales of freshly baked cakes and cookies,
Mail-order sales of original blended coffee and other products,
Sales at shops throughout Japan, Online shopping.
Annual Sales Approximately 2.7 billion yen.
Main banks MUFG Bank, Kyoto Branch
Bank of Kyoto, Sanjo Branch
Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank, Horikawa Branch